My story starts off a little different than what you´ll most likely read on your typical travel blog.  I don´t really in particular have an ´escape from the cubicle tale´ in the sense that I´ve never been in one before.  The story of my ´nomadic life´ is one in which I have yet to work in Canada as a post university graduate with the majority of my 20´s having been spent overseas in Asia working as an expat English teacher, model, photographer, freelance writer and - of course - as a wandering nomadic soul completely infatuated by all the splendor and woe longterm travel has to offer an individual.  I´m a bit of a jack of all trades and a man who wears many hats - the kind of individual that doesn´t like to stay in any one place for any serious length of time: (website) (youtube) (facebook) (twitter) (SU)